Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Farewell, Smart Zombie...

Friends!  If you have followed my blog over the past few years, you have probably gotten here by going to one of the two following: or .   Because Rob Wegner and i both will be linking our blogs to various other social media in promotion and coordination with our new book Missional Moves (which comes out this month), however, i decided that a) i didn't want to continue to pay GoDaddy to renew since it continues to go up in price and... well... i think it's a scam anyway, and b) despite how much i love the concept of being a Smart Zombie, the idea is a little gross for anyone not more indoctrinated in the genre.  So... as a result, i have renamed this blog simply .  If you're following either of the above two other addresses via RSS or other reader, you'll want to note the change.

In addition, Rob and I will both be seeking to update, cross-link and feed numerous posts that conjoin Missional Moves and other things related to it, so hope to see you here if coming to this site is helpful for you in connecting.  

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