Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Missional Moves!

This is a bit odd for both myself and Rob Wegner, actually.  For the past ten years of ministry at Granger Community Church, we haven't been "trying" to write a book.  Actually, we've just been "trying" to figure out what God is doing in the world, how to best join Him, and how to mobilize as many people within the framework of our local faith community to do likewise as possible.  Over that time, we've learned a thing or two, smacked our heads against a few brick walls, seen some amazing things, bled a lot, sweat a lot, gotten really dirty and had the privilege to walk alongside the men and women who are either "regular joes" like us, just trying to live out our faith, or some of the most unbelievable Commando Christ-followers you'll ever meet who are planting churches and transforming communities all over the world and in some of the most ridiculously remote and hostile places on the planet.

We've had the privilege to work in our own community amidst the amazing people of the Monroe Circle Community in downtown South Bend, Indiana, as well as across the world in Tamilnadu, India, alongside Indian church planters who are part of a growing network of indigenous leaders who are bringing Light and Life at the very bleeding edge of the Great Commission through the network at Life Mission International.  In the process, a couple of years ago, we sat down and realized that some of the things we were seeing weren't specific to just us and our experience.  Rather, they were currents beneath the surface that were starting to pop up everywhere.  They were like waves that weren't ready to crest, but as you sit on the surface, you can tell that when they do, they won't just be surfing waves, but tsunamis of Love and Hope and Joy and Freedom the likes of which the world has probably not seen since Jesus walked the planet.

So we decided to write some things down, partly from our own experience, partly from things we've seen and learned from others, and totally and completely from our hearts.  The result is a book that releases this month called Missional Moves, and over the next several months, both Rob and I will be talking, blogging, Tweeting and Facebooking about it at lot.  If you are into some of those social media, you'll be able to note that Rob and I both will be Tweeting using #missionalmoves if you'd like to track that, and we're always happy to see you on our blogs or Facebook pages.  In addition, we've also generated a tandem site that provides supplemental material to and for the book called .   There, you can download free additional eBooks that go along with the text, watch media that we have uploaded to support various chapters as well as documents we reference in the text, and be directed to EnterMission Coaching Hubs all across the country for deeper community and processing.  We're hoping that Missional Moves will be more than just a book, honestly... we want it to be a resource for church leaders, volunteers and people simply seeking to get out of their seat and into God's Story all over the world.  We hope that if you pick up a copy of Missional Moves, you'll find it fun and exciting, but also a useful tool in surfing the tsunami that is coming as God's Kingdom advances in our world!  Surf's up!


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